Why do I need a Custom Build disk of my resource materials if I CONVERT my user license?
PC Study Bible
® to MAC Study Bible®
Basically, the Add-on Reference Works which you may have purchased through the years for use with your PC Study Bible® software are not properly formatted to work in MAC Study Bible® on a MAC computer/laptop. Thus, BIBLESOFT® must electronically custom compile the additional materials you have purchased from us and re-configure them so that you can use them with MAC Study Bible®.  This requires a custom compiled, made for you only build which includes only the works that you have previously purchased separate from the library version included with PC Study Bible®. It is labor intensive and not an automated process.

Your Custom Build Conversion Disk will have the re-configured materials on it so that you can install them on your MAC computer/laptop. This is NOT an OPTIONAL item. It is required to use your MAC Study Bible® in the same manner as you have used your PC Study Bible®.

Because your current PC Study Bible® Add-On Collection of Reference Works purchased from BIBLESOFT® through the years are NOT MAC compatible, you will need a Custom Build disk which has your titles CONVERTED to the MAC platform. In the past, Custom Build disks were typically purchased by customers who have purchased add-ons and other reference works from BIBLESOFT® through the years and want them put on a disk for convenience that can be installed collectively rather than loading each individual add-on one at a time. Please understand that in this instance, a Custom Build disk which CONVERTS the materials you would have purchased for us e with PC Study Bible® must be re-compiled to run on MAC Study Bible®
although both are the same cost, they are custom built for different reasons. 

For a limited time, customers who qualify for "conversion" pricing for MAC Study Bible® will receive this $99 value conversion custom build for FREE! The fact that you may NOT have additional works to add to the base library you have, does NOT constitute a $99 reduction in price (the value being provided for no cost to those who have paid for additional materials). BIBLESOFT® is doing everything possible to make the transition from PC to MAC as easy and as reasonable as possible for all customers. The intention is to give each customer who wants to use PC Study Bible® (and the additional resources they have purchased) on the MAC platform, the opportunity to do so without them paying again for the MAC version of the materials they have already purchased. Those customers are not paying the additional $99 custom build fee because they have already paid for the additional materials. Thus, the price to convert is the same for all customers. That is why, if you have incurred the cost, you will not be required to pay more than another customer who is converting only their base library to MAC.

Login to your BIBLESOFT® Account and CONVERT to a new platform, today! . . . 
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YES!, these 3 MAC Study Bible® software libraries (powered by BIBLESOFT's® award-winning PC Study Bible® Version 5.2 software engine) ARE ELIGIBLE FOR DIRECT UPGRADE PRICING whenever you may decide to move to the highly anticipated OneTouch® version. Further, "NEW" and "ADD" MAC Study Bible® customers will receive a "dollar-for-dollar" OneTouch® upgrade credit voucher (which has no expiration date) when purchasing this MAC version. Basically, you can begin using MAC Study Bible® now and save money being able to upgrade direct to the MAC platform OneTouch® version when it is released! Those PC Study Bible® customers who have already upgraded their current PC version software prior to converting to this Version 5.2 MAC Study Bible® will be able to upgrade to the new MAC platform OneTouch® series software using their previously issued PC Study Bible® "dollar for dollar" credit voucher. (Saving your current PC credit voucher for redemption on the new OneTouch® series software will result in maximum benefit.)  Please note: ONLY these three (3) Libraries (PRL, CRL, NRL) will be available in the New OneTouch® software series. If you need help converting earlier versions or other libraries prior to purchasing MAC Study Bible®, please contact BIBLESOFT®  via email for the fastest response: cs@biblesoft.com 
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User License Disclaimer: Purchase of a PC Study Bible® or MAC Study Bible® software library is for a SINGLE user ONLY.
The license allows the software to be used on two (2) computers for the purpose of being able to access your software at home, on the go or at work.
Use by more than one individual per license is strictly prohibited per BIBLESOFT's® licensing contracts.
Please contact BIBLESOFT® for multi-user options: ds@biblesoft.com